Football is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life for many. Whether you’re part of a local club, a school team, or a professional league, your team’s identity is crucial. One of the best ways to showcase this identity is through your football kit. At My Club Group, we offer fully sublimated Design Your Own Football Kit and teamwear, ensuring that your team stands out on the field. Our 3D kit builder allows for complete customization, enabling you to create a unique design that represents your team’s spirit and values.

Why Design Your Own Football Kit?

Designing your own football kit comes with numerous benefits. Firstly, it allows your team to express its individuality. Instead of settling for generic designs, you can create a kit that is truly unique. This can boost team morale and pride, as players feel a stronger connection to their kit. Additionally, a custom kit can help your team stand out in tournaments and matches, making it easier for fans and spectators to identify your team.

Understanding Sublimated Custom Football Kits

Sublimation is a cutting-edge printing technique used to create vibrant, long-lasting designs on fabric. Unlike traditional printing methods, sublimation embeds the ink directly into the fabric fibers, ensuring that the design does not fade, peel, or crack over time. This makes sublimated custom football kits ideal for teams that want their kits to look great, even after multiple washes and intense matches.

The Benefits of Fully Sublimated Kits

  • Durability: Sublimated kits are known for their durability. The designs are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your kit looks as good as new for a long time.
  • Vibrant Colors: The sublimation process allows for the use of bright and bold colors, making your team’s kit visually striking.
  • Comfort: Since the design is embedded in the fabric, sublimated kits are comfortable to wear. The fabric remains breathable and lightweight, which is essential for athletic performance.
  • Customization: With sublimation, there are no limits to what you can design. From intricate patterns to detailed logos, you can create a kit that perfectly represents your team.

Custom Football Teamwear: Beyond the Kit

At My Club Group, we understand that a football team’s identity goes beyond just the playing kit. That’s why we offer a range of custom football teamwear, including training gear, tracksuits, and accessories. These items can also be fully customized using our 3D kit builder, ensuring that your team looks cohesive both on and off the pitch.

Using the 3D Kit Builder

Our 3D kit builder is an innovative tool that allows you to design your football kit from scratch. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose Your Template: Start by selecting a template that suits your team’s style. We offer a variety of templates to cater to different preferences.
  2. Customize Colors: Use our color palette to choose the perfect colors for your kit. You can select colors for different sections of the kit, including the shirt, shorts, and socks.
  3. Add Graphics and Logos: Upload your team’s logo and any other graphics you want to include. You can also add numbers and player names.
  4. Finalize Your Design: Once you’re happy with your design, finalize it and place your order. Our team will take care of the rest, ensuring that your custom kit is produced to the highest standards.

Tips for Designing Your Football Kit

  • Consider Your Team’s Identity: Think about what represents your team best. This could be colors, symbols, or patterns that have significance to your team.
  • Keep It Simple: While it’s tempting to go all out with the design, sometimes simplicity is key. A clean, simple design can be more striking and professional.
  • Think About Comfort: Make sure that your design doesn’t compromise the comfort of the kit. Avoid placing large graphics in areas that might cause discomfort during play.
  • Get Feedback: Involve your team in the design process. Gather feedback to ensure that everyone is happy with the final design.


Designing your own football kit is an exciting opportunity to create something unique and meaningful for your team. With My Club Group’s fully sublimated Custom football kits and 3D kit builder, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for a striking design that stands out or a subtle, professional look, our tools and expertise can help you achieve your vision. Embrace the chance to express your team’s identity and take pride in a kit that’s truly your own.